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10 Homemade Health and Wellness Gift Ideas

Nothing is more special than receiving a homemade gift.  Not only are homemade gifts more thoughtful, but they also provide a more personalized gift-giving experience. These 10 Homemade Health and Wellness Gift Ideas are perfect when looking for an affordable but thoughtful present. All of these gift ideas either promote wellness and/or use all-natural ingredients.

Homemade Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Sugar Body Scrubs are a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys being a little pampered. A scrub is used in the shower or bath to exfoliate dead skin. The best part about this gift is that all the materials needed can be found in one’s kitchen. Body Scrubs can be customized by using different ingredients or essential oils. 

Granola Mix

Who does not love some homemade granola? Granola is a great topper for yogurt, cereal, smoothie bowls, or can be enjoyed by itself. When making it from scratch there are tons of variations between what types of sweetener are used to different nuts and dried fruit added. A homemade Granola Mix is a great opportunity to make a gift with all of the recipient’s favorite ingredients. 

Rice Heating Pad

These heating pads are awesome for aches, pains, or cold feet. All that is needed for this homemade gift is some fleece, cotton fabric, a sewing machine, and rice. Once the fleece bag is sewed and filled with rice, insert the whole bag in the microwave for a few minutes. The rice will retain the heat and can be reused multiple times. 

Tea Bath

These different homemade tea bath jars are a perfect way to rest and relax. There are multiple different combinations depending on whether the recipient needs to feel renew/uplift, calm/soothe, or relax/revive. 

Homemade Candle 

Homemade candles are a wonderful gift, especially if one has a lot of people they would like to give gifts to. Once purchasing the materials, it is easy to make the candles in large batches. Homemade candles are a great opportunity to play with different scents and create something that could not be found anywhere else. 

Positive Affirmation Jar

A positive affirmation jar is a gift that keeps giving. Take a moment to write down as many positive affirmations as possible. Fill a jar with the affirmations and label it with “take one”.  Then when the recipient feels sad or needs a boost of encouragement, they can read one of the personalized affirmations written for them. 

DIY Poo Pourri

Come on, who does not want to make DIY Poo Pourri. This gift does not only benefit the recipient but everyone else in the household. With a few easy ingredients, one can make all kinds of different smelling Poo Pourri that are natural and safe for children to use. 

DIY Rose Loofah Soap

This is a very cool gift idea that would be rare to find in stores. To make a DIY Rose Loofah Soap bar one would cut pieces of loofah and insert them into a mold where the soap mixture would be poured over. This is a great idea for people who need a group gift idea. 

Herb Infused Vinegar

For those who love to cook, this is a very special and personalized gift. These Herb Infused Vinegar mixtures can be used for salads or various cooking recipes. By using different herbs there are a variety of flavors that can be made. 

Homemade Extract

Homemade Extract is a perfect gift for those who love to bake and enjoy quality flavors. While this gift does take time to create before it can be used, it is very unique and thoughtful for those who like all-natural products. There are an unlimited amount of extracts that can be made with basic ingredients. 

Rachel Garner
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