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Healthcare Business Tips

With new technological advances, the healthcare industry is constantly changing which means as a healthcare professional, you have to stay on top of the game for your business to flourish. Whether you are just starting out your healthcare practice, or you have been in the field for a long time, there are always ways which you can improve and grow your business! At RedApple Digital Health, we understand how difficult it can be to boost off your company and to continuously gain more clients. Here are some tips which will help you more efficiently run your business, but also gain clientele in the healthcare field.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

First things first, marketing is essential to business success. This entails being proactive and reaching out to customers rather than depending on them to find you themselves. Marketing can take many forms, such as social media, email marketing, traditional paper print flyers and business cards, or even attending events which are geared towards the clients’ interests. Make sure you understand your customer and how your service will best serve them, which should always be highlighted.

For starters, make sure you create a social media account and post regularly about what your business is and who you serve. Additionally, try to collect email addresses from all your clients and potentials in order to send emails to remind them of your services and any deals or sales.

Top Customer Service

Especially in healthcare, great customer service is crucial to the wellbeing of your business as it deals with the client’s health. Make sure to train all employees and staff on how to properly interact with patients as well as assign who should answer the emails in a prompt manner. We recommend using a more personal platform such as the RedApple App in order to easily communicate quickly and securely with customers whenever they have questions or concerns. 

The RedApple App not only provides efficient messaging, but also a way to track how customers feel about the service provided, through the reviews feature. Understanding where the customer stands and how they view your practice is important to improving your overall business. 

A Well Setup Facility

Wherever you provide your services, be sure to make it a comfortable yet professional space for your patients. The layout should be easy to move around in yet efficient for you to work in. Take into consideration the tidiness of your facility or office. This will reflect the quality of service to your clients as well as business partners. Always be prepared with supplies, and purchase extra so that you can be prepared at all times when working with patients. 

The facility not only includes the objects, but also the staff. Hire and train staff on how to conduct themselves around patients as this is a direct reflection on your business. Work office outfits should be put together if not business casual. Going the extra mile in your appearance will really convey your professionalism and trustworthiness to your patients.

Telehealth Services

The healthcare industry will evolve as technology advances. To stay on top of the ever changing trends, begin offering telehealth services. Nowadays especially after the COVID pandemic, your business can stand out by being available both in person and virtually. Customers who may not feel comfortable coming into the office or are unable to due to disability or for other reasons can have the option of having the appointment online. 

Choosing a secure platform for telehealth can be difficult. The RedApple App provides telehealth services such as video conferencing and audio calls. Patients are able to see when you are available, and can send documents securely through the chatting system. The RedApple App also provides a waiting room option for your patients to be in when you are currently busy at the moment. This feature helps greatly with patient retention and customer satisfaction.

Simple and Effective Software 

To run a business efficiently, you need software that can assist with helping you focus on your patients instead of administrative tasks. The RedApple App is an all-in-one toolkit that not only helps with customer service and telehealth, but also provides appointment scheduling, availability updates, and new patient prospects. 

The RedApple App allows you to create a unique public profile where you can display your profile, office hours, payment preference, and much more. Patients will be able to swipe through healthcare provider profiles, and match with you when they wish to reach out to you. Once you connect, you will be able to message them about any questions or even schedule an appointment with them. Software such as the RedApple App helps save time, increases patient retention, protects your patients’ confidentiality, and maintains organization so that you can focus on being the best healthcare provider you can be!

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