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How to Increase Patient Loyalty

With so many businesses and services out there, it can be difficult gaining and retaining loyal customers. At RedApple Digital Health, our goal is to help you succeed in your business. Here are some tips to increase your patients’ loyalty toward your company!

Simplify the Process

An effective way to increase patient loyalty is to make the process simple for your patients in how you provide your service. This leaves a great impression on your patient especially for the next time they are in need of care. An overcomplicated process will drive patients away, as they will not want to deal with the time or energy it would take. 

One way that you can simplify your service is by using a platform such as the RedApple app which allows your patients to securely message you, book appointments, give feedback, and see all of your important profile information. By not having to search through multiple pages or switch back and forth between apps, patients will not be wasting time or effort. 

Convenience 24/7

You can boost customer loyalty by providing a way for customers to conveniently book appointments 24/7 whether you are in office or not. Rather than the traditional way of calling in or emailing to book an appointment, on the RedApple app patients are able to book appointments whenever they need and whatever time they need. As a healthcare provider, you are able to set the times and days that you will be available for the appointments, and what days you will not be.

Accessibility is Key

Another way to increase patient loyalty to your brand is by being accessible to your clients so that they can reach you whenever they need. A great way to do so is through the RedApple app which allows for patients to contact their healthcare provider regardless of the time. They will be able to message their providers for a quicker response even when it is not office hours. By providing this accessibility, patients will feel that they can rely on you as a health care provider to take care of their needs accurately and effectively.

Understand your Patients

Boost your patient loyalty by knowing what your patients want. You can gain feedback by building and deepening your relationship with the customer as well as asking for feedback regularly. RedApple app offers a segment for online reviews, which is convenient for both you and your patients. The review box opens after the patient has finished with their scheduled session. This gives patients a voice to tell you what went well and what could improve. These reviews are valuable as they are written from a patient’s first point of few. You could even sort through the reviews using their low and high filter. 

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