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Marketing Tips for Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider, getting your brand name out there is just as important as providing top quality care. In order to stay relevant, businesses have to continue to market in creative ways. RedApple Digital Health strives to help you remain not only relevant in the marketplace but also to help build your client base. Here are some tips on how to market yourself and your business!

1. What makes your business unique?

To remain relevant in the marketplace and gain more clients, figure out what makes your company unique in comparison to others similar around you. For example, if your company is unique in the sense of offering a more affordable price then make sure to emphasize that in your marketing. 

At RedApple Digital Health, our app allows for the clients to see the price range which you offer. Additionally, RedApple Digital Health profiles include other aspects which help you position your company to your clients quickly. This creates an easy, quick and convenient way for them to see what your company offers and what makes you unique. This could also include location, languages spoken, payment options and specializations. 

2. Use social media

In this digital era, it is crucial to use social media to let customers know who you are and what you offer. Social media includes platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Content to post on there include educational, entertainment, promotion, and informational. Posting regularly as well and creating a schedule will consistently remind consumers of who you are and what you offer. More exposure will lead to more familiarity with your brand. 

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3. Use reviews to your advantage

A great way to market your company is to use reviews and testimonials in order to boost your company’s reputation and show other patients how much your company can offer from first hand experience. There are many ways to obtain these reviews, including through Google business page, Yelp, or directly asking clients to write reviews for you. 

The RedApple App offers a convenient and effective way for clients to write reviews after your session. Simultaneously, you as the healthcare provider will be able to quickly sort through the reviews with the lowest and highest filter. Reviews will show up on your public profile automatically as well, so that prospective clients browsing through the app will be able to see how well you are rated at a glance.

Check out more details about the app here:

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