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Best Office Equipment for Dentists

Whether you are new to the field of dentistry or you have been practicing for a long time, it is always crucial to improve and maintain your office equipment for the best patient experience. 

Patient Chairs

One of the most important aspects of a great dental experience is the patient chairs. These chairs are where the patient will be for the majority of their time. It’s best to figure out what types of patient chairs work best for your practice. Some of the types include:

  • Mounted Design where the chair is built into the ceiling. There is also a mobile independent design where the chair has wheels mounted on and the chair is often foldable. There is also a mounted design that has all of the attachments built into the chair.
  • Additionally, there are oral surgery chairs, orthodontic chairs, and simple examination chairs. Depending on what is most practical for you and most comfortable for your patient, choose the one which fits your office the best.

LED Curing Light

LED curing lights help with creating the bright and efficient need for any oral procedures. These procedures could include filling white material, and getting a LED curing light could save you a lot of time. You can find a great option with the House Brand, which is light and practical as well as easy to use. //mvpdentalsupply.com/products/3d-dental-led-3-luminary-led-curing-light

Apron with Collar

For any sort of x-rays or protection needed, it is important to provide your patients with an apron with the collar. An outer fabric of polyurethane coating will help prevent microbes from spreading. It is best to be prepared with both an adult sized apron and a child-size apron. Here are two recommended products below.

Adult size: //mvpdentalsupply.com/products/palmero-24-beige-protectall-3mm-x-ray-lead-apron-collar-22-1-4-x-25-1-2-beige?_pos=7&_sid=836b34907&_ss=r

Child Size: //mvpdentalsupply.com/products/house-brand-xac-cbl-visionary-lead-dental-child-apron-with-collar-blue?_pos=1&_sid=836b34907&_ss=r

Extra Tools

It is always extremely important to be prepared in all aspects, even with the little things. Customers can come to truly find loyalty with your brand if you can provide the best care possible. This could include always being prepared on hand with needed essential items or even giving away little gift bags. 

Disposable Dental Bibs

Dental Tool Packs

Dental Gift Bags

RedApple App

Managing your patients is just as important as finding them. The RedApple App by RedApple Digital Health allows you to manage your first 10 patients free of charge and provides easy appointment scheduling, secure messaging, a waiting room, and telehealth services such as video calling for when your patient cannot make it to your office. 

Additionally, they will be able to conveniently see what hours you are available along with your payment options and office location through your unique public profile. They can leave reviews on your profile to voice how their experience was. You can also be easily found by prospective patients through the matching feature which allows for patients to search their area for local dentists and interactively connect with you.








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