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Benefits of Providing a Virtual Waiting Room

Virtual waiting rooms offer many benefits to create a more positive telehealth experience for both patient and provider. 

Why have a virtual waiting room?

Saves Time, Reduces Stress

For starters, providing a virtual waiting room for your patients saves time for both you and them. Instead of spending time coordinating with the patient on when to start the video appointment, you can quickly click on their name in the waiting room. Our waiting room feature at Redapple Digital Health makes it clear when your patient is online and available. This feature allows you to provide appointments back to back or even take a short break if you notice your next patient is not in the room yet. 

We also provide patients with a camera and microphone check while they are waiting. They will be able to make sure that their equipment is working properly before the appointment rather than during. This reduces stress and optimizes efficiency for both of you as valuable time will not be wasted during the appointment. 

Increases Patient Retention

Another great benefit to providing patients with a virtual waiting room is the increase in patient retention. Patient retention relies on the accumulation of touchpoints throughout their experience with a provider. The more positive touchpoints, the higher patient retention will be. One important touchpoint is the period of time right before the patient actually enters the appointment. Just as it is important for an in-person provider to keep their office tidy for a significant first impression, so it is important for a virtual provider to give a stress free waiting experience before the telehealth session.

Our waiting room feature provides that positive first impression for your patient. When they enter the waiting room, they can easily review your profile and see your availability. If the patient has to reschedule for any reason, they can quickly check your profile to see your office hours rather than having to contact you separately. Having this feature will provide a stressless way for them to plan a rescheduled appointment with you instead of looking elsewhere for a different available provider. 

They also have the ability to browse through the website without losing their position in the waiting room, as a banner will appear on top of their page with easy access back into the room. 

Protects Your Patient

With a virtual waiting room, patients do not have to worry about protecting their privacy as they would in an in-person office. From the comfort of their home, virtual waiting rooms protect their confidentiality which could lead to a more productive session. Our new feature allows for patients to join the waiting room when they are ready and provides them with the capacity to stay or leave the room as needed.

Maintains Organization

With more patients shifting to online healthcare, providing quality service for the new demand can be hectic. Waiting rooms can help you as a provider to collect your thoughts and visually see who your next patients are. Waiting rooms also help simplify the whole appointment process, creating a more professional environment for both you and the patient. With greater simplicity comes less stress and as a result less mistakes, which is crucial in healthcare.

Check out our new feature

Below is a video demonstration on how to use our waiting room feature here at Redapple Digital Health!


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