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Dr. “Michael” Mehrdad Mahbod, Certified Chiropractor

Today we will be introducing Dr. Mehrdad Mahbod, an expert chiropractor from Relief Chiropractic in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.

Tell me about your background and what got you interested in working in this field?

My background is engineering and I became familiar with chiropractic when my wife decided to continue her education in this field. For her school, we moved from Maryland to South Carolina and she went to Sherman College of Chiropractic. On occasions, I had a chance to go to her school and get more familiar with their program and her professors through their school events and I found it a very interesting field, so I changed my path and decided to become a chiropractor as well.

What is an obstacle that you faced in your career?

In my opinion, the people’s mindset and their beliefs are the things that we should work on and clarify the facts for them. In our community, the way that we grow and under influence of dominant thoughts, advertisements, and son on, we are looking for quick results for the cure, not looking for the best way which is the natural methods to resolve health conditions. That’s why we need to educate the patients throughout their treatment sessions. We provide the information regarding the function of the human body and how it responds to chiropractic care. Patient education is the key. In the past, people had a different understanding about healthcare, but fortunately, it has changed over the past decades and people including a variety of healthcare professionals think differently and understand the role of chiropractic in human lives.

What is something unique that your company Relief Chiropractic offers to their clients?

First of all, we are whole spine chiropractors. We provide adjustment to different joints with different conditions. We provide cervical adjustments for headaches and neck pain, adjustment of the thoracic which is the upper back, low back, pelvic, and also all the extremity joints including the shoulder, elbow, wrist and also hip, knees, and ankles, based on the patient’s needs and conditions. We’ve had great results with our patients over the years of our practice. Our patient’s five star reviews and bright testimonials are verifying this fact.

What are the top conditions that you treat?

First of all, neck pain, upper back, low back, and pain in pelvic regions are the major areas that we focus on for our patients’ treatment. We also treat soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains. Sprain is over stretching the ligaments and strain is over stretching the muscles. Also any type of chronic joint pain that the patients have had over the years, severe personal injuries including car accidents or work and sport injuries are the other areas of our practice. Our strategy in our practice is to stop the negative progress of the patient’s condition and regain their health as much as their body allows. During the cycle of our treatments, we reduce the severity and frequency of the patients’ pain and lessen the tension in their body.

We treat different joint condition from acute to chronic. We can help patients with tendonitis which is inflammation of the tendons. Tendons are specific connective tissues that attach muscles to the bones. When the tendons get inflamed, it’s called tendonitis.

We also treat conditions such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and also lower extremity issues such as hip pain, different knee pains, foot pain, and radiating pain. Radiating pain is one of the major conditions that we have had great results with our patients. Sciatica and degenerative disc diseases are examples of the conditions that may cause radiating pain. The herniated disc may occur in the cervical region (neck) which may cause radiating pain to the arms either on both sides or only one side. The lumbar disc protrusion or low back herniated disc can cause radiating pain down the legs which may reach to the toes and the patients with this condition have a hard time to walk or even stand straight.

Another area of our practice is helping pregnant ladies. When the fetus is growing in the mom’s body, the ligaments in the low back and pelvic regions get stretched and cause mis-alignment of their surrounding joints. As a result, it can cause pressure over the nerves and the pregnant patient will encounter severe back pain and in more aggressive cases it may lead to sciatica and radiculopathy. We have been able to help pregnant ladies at different stages of pregnancy and control their conditions up to couple of days before childbirth. 

We have helped patients with a condition called Piriformis syndrome which is feeling severe pain in the gluteal region. The tightness of the piriformis muscle causes pressure over the sciatic nerve and creates sciatic syndrome.

Whiplash injuries that happen during car accidents as a result of rapid and forceful forward and backward movement of the neck induces muscle spasms in the cervical region and causes severe neck pain. Treatment of whiplash injuries is other conditions that we have helped our patients with amazing results.

Degenerative joint disease is the condition that occurs by over using a joint over time. Chiropractic manipulation and re-aligning a degenerated joint reduces pain and pressure over that joint. TMJ disorder is another condition that we can help patients with. Normally the patients who have had injuries to this joint or even the patients with a history of prolonged dental work may experience severe pain in their TMJ and chiropractic adjustments can resolve the issue with an efficient plan of care. 

In general, we treat any type of personal injury including car accident, work injuries, sports injuries and any condition that may cause joint stiffness, muscle tightness and limited range of motion.

What chiropractic techniques do you use?

Diversified, Gonstead, toggle recoil, and SOT where we use specific blocks for the patients. SOT is the least invasive type of treatment for the patients. Activator technique is another very light and conservative type of treatment that we provide for the patients. Instrument adjusting is the technique that we use special instruments to adjust different patients’ joints. 

We attend a few seminars each year to update our information and increase our skills, constantly. Another technique that we use for soft tissue is called Graston technique that we use special tools to work on patients’ soft tissues. Rapid release technology is another high-tech tool that we use for soft tissue treatments.

We always consider every aspect of patients condition and if our patients are under treatment of other healthcare professionals such as orthopedic doctors or neurologists, we communicate with those doctors and request their medical records to provide the most beneficial treatments for our patients.

What do you do when patients come in with an injured spine?

First, we perform a detailed initial examination along with taking a comprehensive case history to rule out similar conditions and narrow down our findings to the most precise diagnosis. Our initial examination includes vital examination, physical examinations, orthopedic examinations, neurological examinations, posture evaluations and palpation. We rule out unrelated conditions and a lot of times during these detailed examinations discover some musculoskeletal conditions that the patients haven’t even started to have much complaints about them.   

What are some of the most common sports injuries that you’ve treated?

We’ve treated a variety of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions that are caused by different sport activities. We have treated shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries for patients who played tennis or the surfers who had severe impacts; as well as basketball players, soccer players, and football players with different kinds of knee injuries. Ankle sprain is another common injury with variety of sport activities.

The people with work injuries also have a wide range of conditions and injury of different body parts. Work injuries are not limited to injuries and accidents at work. Work injuries are mainly caused by over using the different body parts which is called repetitive injury. Over using the joints can negatively affect those joints and it causes degeneration of the joints. In such cases, the patient encounter joint degeneration along with severe pain in that joint and adjacent areas. In such cases, we can stop the negative progress of the condition and reverse it as much as the patient’s body cooperates based on patient’s age, severity of the injury, health condition, and history of previous injuries.

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