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Top Fitness Trainers in Laguna Beach

RedApple would like to list the top fitness trainers in Laguna Beach, CA. These fitness trainers have helped clients achieve their fitness goals and create a healthier lifestyle. 

Please note that these fitness trainers were selected on the basis of google and yelp reviews. This is not a ranking article. 

Renato DaRocha

Renato DaRocha is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He was born in Brazil and had training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, inspiring him to incorporate various techniques into his workout regimen. Renato opened his own gym with all new commercial-grade equipment in Laguna Beach, including customized meal plans and workout regimens. Renato has competed – and placed every time – in Men’s Physique competitions around the world. 

Langdon DuBois

Langdon DuBois is a professional fitness trainer and sole owner of his studio in Laguna Beach since 1987. He created a fitness plan that provides others with a quality training experience. The benefits of having a private gym can ensure clients with 100% of his time and expertise. He assures clients that you will not be joining a gym but instead hiring a coach to help you on your fitness journey. 


Stacey is an ACE and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach serving Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente,Dana Point, Mission Viejo, and surrounding areas. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Physical Education from Illinois State University and has over 20 years of experience in physical fitness. 

Clients include those seeking to improve sports performance, lose weight, or improve overall fitness. Also, those requiring rehabilitation from injuries and persons with high-risk conditions such as obesity, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer-related issues, and Alzheimer’s. Stacey customizes each person’s exercise plan to achieve their specific fitness goals and lifestyle.​

Haven Schulz

Haven Schulz is a certified personal trainer,  fitness nutrition specialist, and corrective exercise specialist. She has a passion for educating, motivating, instructing, and encouraging clients to meet their goals.

Firsthand experience showed her the importance and benefits of consistent fitness and nutrition in one’s life. From a young age, she suffered from a variety of health issues and food allergies. Fitness and nutrition have helped her manage and overcome many of those issues. Her clients can be confident that she will put her all into helping them reach the best versions of themselves.

Jennine Baillie

Jennine attended California State Long Beach, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management with a Minor in Dance. She is a certified Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® instructor, as well as a certified Pilates instructor. In 2007/08, she earned her Pilates certification in Core Intelligence, which is a highly specialized course introducing core muscle awareness.

Jennine trained using state of the art Balanced Body Pilates equipment based on the principles and techniques of Joseph H. Pilates with an emphasis on rehabilitation. She started her pre-training certification in 2009 on the Expansion Tower and completed her foundation training in 2010. She also added a Gyrokinesis® certification in 2011.

Jennine specializes in post-surgery rehabilitation and is a firm believer in using Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® to help prevent injuries and surgery for hip, knee, and shoulder issues. She uses her dance background, Pilates, and Gyrotonic® training for both private clients and groups.  

Jennifer Ball

Jennifer Ball has been teaching Pilates and Gyrotonic® since 2006. She earned her Pilates certification in 2006 through BASI and her Gyrotonic® license in 2011. She has had the honor of working side by side at both her Pilates and Gyrotonic® Master Trainer’s studios, where she fine-tuned her techniques. Jennifer has experience working with an array of clients from high performing athletes, rehabilitative/therapeutic clients, and those who want to feel and look good.

Jennifer’s commitment to teaching Pilates and Gyrotonic® helps students find core stability, overall strength, flexibility, improved posture, coordination, and deeper body awareness. 

David Barney

David Barney is a NASM certified personal trainer with a BS in exercise science from the University of Kansas. He competes in the CVBA and plays volleyball almost every weekend here in Laguna Beach.  He helps clients to ensure they have correct form inside and outside the gym. He believes proper exercise improves the quality of life.

April Deweese

April obtained her Bachelors’s degree in Exercise Science from Illinois College and has been a Personal Trainer for 17 yrs. She specializes in whole-food plant-based nutrition for reversing and preventing disease from eCornell University, weight management, strength training, sports conditioning, rehab, functional training, fitness competition, leaning out, and building lean muscle. April uses free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, functional equipment, TRX, and bodyweight exercises to help clients reach their fitness goals.

Webb Travis 

Travis is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach based in Laguna Beach, CA. He has over 14 years of experience, from nutrition to pre and post-natal training programs. Travis started as a personal trainer at Equinox for nine years. He became one of the gym’s top fitness trainers company-wide, training up to 60 clients per week and 20 classes.

From injury history and goal-setting to nutrition planning and ergonomic training, Travis creates customized training programs tailored to each client. He strives to provide his clients with the tools they need to be self-sufficient and self-disciplined on their fitness journey. 

Eileen Gordon

Eileen Gordon has over 30 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, with 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer in Dana Point and Orange County. She is trained and certified by The Nautilus Corporation, Universal Gym Equipment, ACE, and the NHCA, which gives her the ability to provide excellent assistance to her clients in a professional, enthusiastic, and caring manner.

​Her responsibilities as a personal trainer include fitness staff training and supervision, health club management,  and membership program development. Eileen has worked closely with general practitioners, specialists (Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Cardiologists), Physical therapists, Chiropractic physicians, and private clients in Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, and surrounding areas to address multiple challenging health scenarios requiring specialized and condition-specific fitness program implementation.


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