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Top Fitness Trainers in Costa Mesa

RedApple Blog would like to list the top fitness trainers in Costa Mesa, CA. These fitness trainers have helped clients achieve their fitness goals and create a healthier lifestyle. 

Please note that these fitness trainers were selected on the basis of google and yelp reviews. This is not a ranking article. 

Derek Brown

Derek Brown is the owner of Define Body Fitness, which was established in 2004. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio with Business Administration and Science, Exercise & Sports Medicine studies. He has turned his passion for health and fitness into a thriving company. He received certifications through the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM), and also with the American Council On Exercise (ACE). D.B. had also recently become a Master Trainer through NESTA in 2009.

Harrel Carmen

Harrel has long been passionate about physical fitness. Harrel regularly competes in Kettlebell Sport events and has won multiple awards lifting the 32kg kettlebell in the Men’s 85kg bodyweight division.

 He has certifications in NASM, Functional Range Conditioning, Onnit Battle Ropes and Steel Clubs, Orange Kettlebell Club, SCUBA, and CPR.

Joshua Tarnofsky

Joshua loves teaching busy professionals how to move from stressful, unhealthy lifestyles to endless energy and excellent health.  

His journey led him to discover modalities and practices that reversed his bodily pains and gave him endless energy. He decided to become a trainer to mentor other busy professionals to make similar transformations. Joshua now coaches top CEOs, influencers, and high performers worldwide to live healthy, pain-free lifestyles and have all the energy they desire!   

Joaquin Hernandez

Joaquin has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Cal State University Fullerton and a certification in massage therapy and Fullerton College training. He is committed to continuous learning and growth.

His favorite part of coaching is supporting clients to achieve their goal and helping people discover talents they never thought were possible.

Joaquin discovered a passion for distance running over the past few years and has completed various marathons, including Chicago, Catalina Island, and Hawaii. He is skilled in functional range conditioning.

Vic Czenczek

Vic has been drawn to sports throughout her life. 

After deciding to go back to school to get her teaching credential in K-12 Physical Education at Cal State Long Beach, Vic had to find a gym that would work with her class hours, and Innovative Results has allowed her to do that. 

Her Credentials include a BS in Exercise Physiology from Lynchburg College and an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Cristian Castro 

As a multi-sport athlete, Cristian has had a long passionate history with movement. His overall goal with coaching is to help others accomplish their personal movement capacity.

Cristian is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

As well as a Certified calisthenics trainer with World Calisthenics Organization (WCO).

Cristian enjoys reading, bodyweight training methods, and diligently working to increase his overall skill level and strength though weighted calisthenics. 

Gil Yurly

Gil has been the proud owner of Body Wise Fitness since its inception in 2002. After graduating from Chapman University, he entered the fitness industry and helped all ages successfully for 30 years. Gil played baseball at Chapman University and has a strong interest in working with sports specific athletes. An accomplished “Natural Bodybuilder” and judge, Gil has five titles, most notably winning the Mr. Natural California novice division in 1992 and ten years later recapturing the 2002 overall open division of the Mr. Natural California contest.  

Gil was a regular on the nationally broadcast “Infinite Power Workout” T.V. show for 2.5 years, teaming up with Frank Zane and Willie Gault. This past year, Gil has started a Youth’s Performance Program for kids ages 8 to 12 years old, teaching the motor skills necessary for athletic success. Gil’s weight loss program has helped 250 new clients during the past 2.5 years.

Laurel Yurly

Laurel entered the fitness craze in 1986. Her background has enabled her to teach various exercise classes ranging from spinning to water aerobics. Her certifications are from AFAA, AEA, and in 2009, she became Pilates certified. She enjoys training groups of people of all ages and is well versed in assisting the physically challenged. Also, a fitness competitor, her accomplishments include winning the Ms. Baldwin Hills bodybuilding contest and taking runner up in the prestigious Iron Woman Natural. Laurel was a regular on the nationally broadcast “Infinite Power Workout Fitness” T.V. show. Laurel’s attention to detail and quest for knowledge has made her into an elite trainer!


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